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TVR Creative Fund

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

For the past couple of months we have been raising funds through the

TVR Creative Fund to help DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia) artists and entrepreneurs, who were affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The artist and entrepreneur community is a vulnerable one to start, and the pandemic highlighted these vulnerabilities, leaving a lot of people in these communities struggling financially. We decided to step up and help out by giving away a portion of proceeds from our issue 6 magazine and tote bags sales, and Mighty Cause donations, to DMV creatives in need.

With the help of The Vibe Room supporters we were able to raise enough funds to provide support for two creatives Torera CEO of DMV based publication, xBlaze Magazine and Kiarra Patterson a DMV based artist.


"XBlaze Magazine is a media outlet that positively informs & inspires individuals with relevant news, and much more. We regularly shed light on ambitious youth in different industries such as entrepreneurship, entertainment, leadership, and more. However, we do not limit our spotlight to youth alone! Principally, our overall goal is to enlighten our audience with positive and inspirational content in order to empower and enlighten them!"

Kiarra Patterson

"I am a certified teaching artist. I dedicate my craft of poetry to the expression and healing of others through emotional and personal prompts and sharing."
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