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Definition of Self Control

Written by Tayo Omisore

(n.) To lose it all at 11am brunch. To unhinge a jaw spilling all its teeth. Smiles as bottomless as mimosas. To drown in grey beanbags and the blunt rotation. To fade into the gentle embrace of vinyl crackle. To admit the silly things aloud. I don’t know what Frank is talking about in the second verse. To breath in a prayer and release a hymn. To understand all songs become hymns with a chin pointed skyward. To realize gods are wherever we feel the urge to give needlessly. To give yourself breathlessly to a bridge. To yell like no one can hear you but you need everybody to hear you. That’s church. I really don’t get what Frank is saying in the second verse yet I know all the words. That’s church too. I/I/I know you gotta leave/leave/leave. Give up.

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