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To be a selfless daughter

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Written by Lordteachme

To be a selfless daughter/A battlefield made a home in my body:

How do you tell your mother Who carries the burden of the world As her worries shift to mine The worst thing has happened to you The thing you so carefully prepared us for A secret nobody wants to hear or say   So I’ve chosen to protect you And offer you the peace the world didn’t give you I may never have For that is the best I can offer you After the years of war you’ve endured The best children choose their battles carefully So this battle lives within Me, too.   Superwomxn schema They told me to be strong So I asked for help They told me my problems were too small So they got complex They say that’s white peoples problems So I threw that shit into the black hole They told me the weak go to therapy So I turned my victimhood into survivorhood Transforming weakness into the power of vulnerability   Intergenerational trauma ain’t no joke Honey you gon make that black crack if you think you can remold cracks after an earthquake Subduction is what we call it Yet we don’t prepare when it’s the subduction of our traumas building up like techtonic plates until a volcano erupts Drop and cover Process. Heal. Plant new. And bloom. Because the best thing you can do for you and me and Us is heal

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