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The Glow Club

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Written by Jasmin Dixon Photographed by Natasha Magino

Exercise has long been exclusively thought of as an external workout. Cardio, weight lifting...lots of sweat. What about a workout for your mind? No sweat required. The Glow Club is an exercise studio for your brain and is redefining what self-care means to you. Caitlin Fox, the owner of this DC-based meditation studio, shared the ideas and creative process behind The Glow Club.

Nestled near the always buzzing U St, The Glow Club is a place to eliminate those everyday distractions and strengthen the voice within yourself.

“A meditation studio for people who don’t meditate, but should, is the joke,” laughed Caitlin. Launched in March 2019, The Glow Club aims to introduce an innovative approach to meditation.

“Meditation is truly giving yourself the time to focus on what we all should recognize as the most important asset, our mind. It's our creativity, what we use to live with purpose and meaning. It's what we use for relationships and careers, and it's so secondary in our lives,” explained Caitlin.

The Glow Club is reshaping the idea of what someone who meditates looks like, as it can often be seen as just for people who don't work a 9-5. “We are trying to break that stereotype,” said Caitlin. “It is the boss at work, it is the hustler, the creative type. All these people can and should meditate, because it’s helping you evolve as a person.”  Inspired by the lack of community at her gym, she was looking to curate a space that included a welcoming environment for making relationships. “I knew I wanted it to feel like a club, a community,” Caitlin said. The Glow Club is here not only for self-empowerment, but also to build connections. It's a unified space for everyone to share and grow together. The design of The Glow Club is made to cultivate community. A cozy living room area is open for pre- and post-class convo, and crystals are displayed close by for retail. Retro lockers set the tone for the mental workout that is about to go down. The class space includes a candlelit stage along with aligned cushions and blankets. It's impossible to miss the magnificent glow wall that illuminates the room. Designed by DC’s own 1727 Design, this precision-cut installation radiates different colors, providing the ultimate mood for your glow. “Glow was the perfect word that signified working on yourself internally and your mental well-being, and how that shows itself to the outside world,” said Caitlin. The word is incorporated into class descriptions, and it is simple to find which “Glow” is best for you. From Morning Glow, training to help you stay focused throughout the day, to the newest addition, Breathe n’ Glow, which involves active meditation through breath work, there are different classes geared toward different goals.

I had the honor of experiencing the mental radiance of The Glow Club by attending my first meditation class, Inner Glow. Greeted by a cushion filled floor, the class space is designed for everyone to position themselves in whatever way feels the most comfortable. The instructor, Rachael P., guided the class on a 30-minute mental journey with narration and tranquil tunes. Please beware, The Glow Club’s sessions’ side effects may include peace of mind, focus, and self-awareness.

"Please beware, The Glow Club’s sessions’ side effects may include peace of mind, focus, and self-awareness"

You can follow The Glow Club on Instagram @_theglowclub. Visit to learn more about classes and upcoming workshops/events.

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