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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Written by Japjyot Singh

I embody everything, yet I can do nothing. This is the paradox of living. You are made of stars, But you cannot enlighten your mind. You are made of water, But you cannot quench your desires. You are made of energy, But you cannot power your people. What a wonderful paradox, To realize that you don’t control the breeze or the tide, You can merely sway to it, embrace it, And allow it to carry you where you need to go. This is the language of Love that I wish to speak, Complete acceptance, complete faith. To know that I may try my best, and that is needed, But all that truly needs to make its way into my life, and stay, Will appear at its own pace and time. I embody everything, yet I can do nothing. I am the stars, the air, the earth, energy itself, Yet I cannot do a speck of what those mighty ones do, This is the paradox of living. And that is ok. japjyot

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